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10+2, what now? Want to join a college? Taking a gap year? Want an international work experience ? Or simply the longing for study abroad? All this is possible with HeadStart’s unique & affordable Workstudien programs in “Germany”. It’s a fully funded program where the employer pays your education cost as well as salary. The tuition fee is zero and you get high stipends during the training period along with rich experience with European corporate companies right after your 12th or diploma. 98% of the students are retained by the same company after the completion of the training period. Frankly, the pay cheques from the German employers will give you a lot of joy!

EARN upto Euro 1600 per month during study

Gain international work experience

Achieve globally recognised qualification

Jobs starting from Euro 3500 per month after training

Nurses & Healthcare Assistants

Over 200000 new health workers will be required in Germany by 2030

If you have empathy and enjoy working with people, if you like to take responsibility, if you are communicative and like to assert yourself, if you enjoy technology and progress, Health care and nursing are the professions you should look into. Because there are more and more older people in Germany, you will definitely have a lot to do as a health manager in the next few years. One of your tasks will then be to advise patients and encourage them to adopt a healthy and responsible lifestyle. Job prospects after training: It is possible, for example, to work in prevention, therapy and rehabilitation facilities, in medical care centers or hospitals. You can also start in nursing facilities, nursing services, health insurance companies and health care associations. Medical associations, health authorities and pharmaceutical companies are also possible employers. Basically, you can work in any commercial company that is active in the field of health management. Stipends for health care workers are: 1 year:850 euros 2 year:950 euros 3rd year: 1,100 euros

Business & Management Trainees

Business & economics specialist earn around 65000 euros annually

If you are not scared of numbers/ calculations/ statistics/ accounting and are communicative and a good team player as well as initiator, you have the skills to become a good business man. In the management training program, you will learn everything about the management, control and organisation of a commercial operation. What steps have to be completed so that everything runs smoothly? Where is the best location for my business? How can the goods or products be marketed in order to achieve maximum success? All of these are, for example, questions that business administration deals with. You will deal with topics that are cross-sector, such as strategic planning and accounting, as well as more specific basics that are important depending on the course and employer. Job prospects after training: Whether corporate strategy, marketing, controlling, sales or human resources - after your studies you will have the skills and know-how to work in all areas of a company. You are able to plan and coordinate work processes to ensure that everything in the company runs smoothly. Business scientists support the management in all matters. For this reason, you can already take on management tasks after your studies. In particular, you will be familiar with dealing with numbers after your studies, as you will deal with the topics of accounting, taxes and statistics. You will also learn basic knowledge of legal issues and be able to draw up and review contracts. Stipends for management students are: 1 year:600-1400 euros 2 year: 700-1600 euros 3rd year: 750-1800 euros

Engineering, Technician & IT

Trainee engineers are in great demand in Germany- nearly 400,000 trainees required

If you have skills like problem solving, creativity, communication, leadership, teamwork and most importantly math and computer Skills you can study in fields like construction, automotive industry, robotics, energy sectors, IT etc. Job prospects after training: Engineers can work with companies like Audi / BMW / Daimler / HAWEHydraulikSE / Schaeffler / Thyssenkrupp / Volkswagen etc in fields of manufacturing, designing, automotive engineering, system engineering, power engineering, computer-aided design and drafting and more. If your interest lies in car navigation systems, autopilots systems, medical devices and smartphone devices, 3D printers, voice assistants etc. a training in computer science is what you need to do. Computer scientists are urgently needed in Germany to bring further innovations onto the market, to improve existing systems and to fix errors. Job prospects after training: You could start at a technical institute, optimizing existing programs and documenting development processes. Or you work for a food manufacturer and set up new applications. You could just as well work as a software developer for an aircraft manufacturer and develop software using the JAVA/ C++ programming language. Advising customers and planning and holding training courses could also fall into your area of work if, for example, you decide to work as a consultant . Duration of the program could be 3-4 years. Stipends for technical aspirants are: 1 year:975 euros 2 year:1035 euros 3rd year:1095 euros 4th year: 1145 euros


From Kerala

She is a 22-year-old final year nursing specialization student in Germany where she is studying and practicing in hospitals, old age care, children's clinics, psychiatric centres, etc. Her monthly allowance is 1200 euros plus bonuses. After completing studies she will be earning around 4000 euros per month.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked
Who can apply for these programs ?
All those who have completed their 10+2 & under 26 years of age. Although, there will be many advantages if you have done any additional diploma or have some work experience.
Is it really a free program ?
Yes, no tuition fee is charged. Even if there is any - it will be paid by your employer.
What is the concept of study + work ?
It is an innovative concept that brings together theory and practice and is therefore appreciated by students and German companies alike. Every week, students will study 20 hours at a German institution and work 20 hours in their partner company. Theoretically learned study content and skills can thus be used directly to solve company-related problems. In this way, the students are continuously and intensively involved in operational processes and decisions right from the start.
Why will a company hire a 12th grader ?
One of the most important success factors for companies are practically trained employees with expertise. A 12th grader or diploma holder can contribute largely to these companies if they are given enough training while they are young. These students are eager to gain skills and at the same time companies can procure motivated employees and can thus save a lot of money hiring people with a lower wage as compared to those who are graduates or highly skilled and who demand higher salaries.
How much stipend can one get during study ?
Depending upon the contract agreed upon by the student and practice company, the stipend ranges between 800-1600 Euros per month. Factors like age, skills, motivation, language, experience etc. decide the range of salaries they are offered.
What is the scope after completion of this course ?
On completion of the program, one can easily be absorbed by the same practice company or the student can even apply for higher education. There are excellent job opportunities after the completion of the program.
Do we need German language ?
Yes, it is mandatory to learn German at least to B2 level for most programs.
How difficult is German language ?
Learning German is always easy for highly motivated students. The script is English and so you can understand it well, however consistent practice is required to gain the proficiency in the language.
Do you have native German Teachers ?
Yes, after the basic German A1 & A2 level, students will get the opportunity to learn through native German teachers which has a great impact on your overall language learning.
How much time it will take for the entire process ?
It usually takes between 8-12 months while you fulfil the language and interview requirements.
What is the step by step process ?
How much are the expenses? Is there any instalment plan?
The overall cost of the program is approx Rs.3.5 lac. Yes, you can pay in instalments. Our counsellors will help you provide the instalment plan.
How HeadStart will help in the process ?
Headstart will help you right from selecting the course, language preparation, in-time applications, documentation, profile building exercises, language tools, training & study materials, mock interview preparations & arrangements, visa preparations ,country orientation, accommodation assistance, medical insurance & ticketing assistance, post landing services along with continuous and constant support thereafter.
What is assurance of success ?
If you have accomplished the language and other interview requirements, there is a high success rate to get a contract from any of the three prospective employers’ interview.
How can we trust HeadStart? Do you have any testimonials ?
Yes, please read about the accreditations and certifications we have achieved and how our team has been sending students to Germany since past 20+ years. You can also check a few testimonials on our website The increasing number of students’ and their parents’ appreciation notes are a proof enough to trust HeadStart for making your dream career a reality.
How to enrol for this program ?
Please send your CV for assessment and our counsellors will provide you the complete guidance on application.
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  • If you want to start earning right from age 18 onwards.
  • If you want to get involved in practical study and work.
  • If you want to strengthen & secure your future career.
  • If you want to know a new culture and a new language.
  • If you want to gain new experiences and discover new perspectives.
  • If you want to experience in different fields and can orientate yourself professionally.
  • If you want to explore the world and get out of your everyday life.
  • If you want to build worldwide friendships.
  • If you want to get the opportunity to do all this in a group of like-minded people with professional guidance!
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